Winter busting beauty finds

What the winter months can do to our mood and energy levels is bad enough, but when it also wreaks havoc on our skin, hair, and nails, the gauntlet is thrown. Finding plant-based, natural remedies can be tricky when efficacy, affordability and real staying power are crucial. That’s why these are our top three winter survival must-haves for the body parts we tend to cover up most when on the go.

Dry, itchy scalp savior: Coconut oil is healthy, moisture-rich relief not just for cooking but calming an irritated scalp. We like Wegman’s organic, unrefined version (a little dab goes into my morning java too!) For coarse or ethnic hair types looking for a conditioner with sheen, Argan oil spray also works wonders.

Hand and cuticle cure: This moisturizer can work miracles for the harshest effects of winter weather or obsessive hand washers (we’re not point fingers). It comes from Weleda, a certified organic, Kosher and natural ingredient-based company. This sustainable salve contains pansy, chamomile, and calendula extracts. Ingredients that are known to combat and soothe super dry skin. Another added benefit the company touts is its “anti-inflammatory properties.” That means relief for mature and athletic hands too. This is always within reach.

Body barrier: Ditch the lotions and creams. Trader Joe’s lavender sea salt body scrub is hands down the only full body treatment you will need all Winter. It’s not just an exfoliator but the lavender oil infused sea salt provides a moisture barrier that leaves skin baby soft, super supple and wafting in a wonderful light aroma. No additional fragrance necessary. One note of caution, however, don’t use it when wearing silk or similar fabric. It will stain. If you’re worried about it seeping into other fabrics, stick to applying the treatment when bathing or showering before bedtime. Your cotton jammies won’t mind.

Heading out the door during the coldest months it’s easy to simply throw on a pair of gloves, hat, and coat to cover up from the elements. But just because you cover it up doesn’t mean it won’t dry up. Don’t neglect those areas. Try adding a few products with plant-based ingredients to your routine and see what a difference it makes.

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