Eco-friendly finds for your fur baby

Green living for humankind is one thing. A commitment in itself, although absolutely worth the investment. For our pets, its poses another conundrum. With so many new products on the market, labels to sift through, and since we can’t really get any verbal feedback from Fido, it can be a struggle to figure out what’s right and what actually works.

When we recently stumbled into this quaint and rustic Northern Virginia “dog lifestyle” store, we were instantly struck by its “at home” feel, shelves filled with a plethora of products that seemed to strike the right cord and one-on-one attention you just don’t get a big bulk outlets. With such an impressive line of natural and eco-friendly finds, however, we weren’t sure where to look first or what to buy now. Thankfully, the super friendly and knowledgeable owner, Ross Wujkowski, agreed to walk us through some of his must-haves. Here are his top three product recommendations:

  1. WonderCide Flea and Tick
  2. West Paw Design Toys
  3. Answers Raw Pet Food

We’ve personally tried #1 and #2.. and so far we’re big fans.

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