To wash or not to wash?

Believe it or not there is a conundrum brewing over blue jeans. It’s true. Not about how pricey they’ve become but whether it is proper or even harmful to machine wash your denim.

According to experts on the subject, machine washing and drying not only strips the fabric of its color and form over time but the damage of detergent and soap has been deemed harmful to those baby blues.

If you’re convinced the “no wash” route is the way to go you’re probably thinking what to do about stains, odor or just general maintenance? There is a solution.

It is advisable to simply spot clean jeans when dirty and when you do decide your denim duds are due for a deeper cleaning – a vinegar bath is the answer. That’s right, soaking jeans in cold water with about a cup of regular distilled vinegar supposedly gets it done. Then line dry. To spot clean, spray with vinegar.  And to kill bacteria, it’s recommended that you stick them in the freezer about once a month.

Above all, this natural and eco-friendly solution is said to extend the life of your purchase which, as it turns out, is sustainable and cost-effective.

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