The anxiety-free vacay list

Spring break, summer vacation, a mid-Winter get away or just a weekend romp. Everyone needs time to restore, rejuvenate and recover and most of us look forward to that time to unwind. That is, except for those anxiety-prone and panic-stricken by the mere thought of planning what can be seen as just another daunting endeavor. What with the packing, traffic, parking, airport lines, unpredictable weather, fear of lost luggage, so on and so on.

For people easily overwhelmed even if excited about their overall destination, a process for staying in control during the chaos has to be part of the protocol. Here’s the short list for keeping it all together, from a go-bag that’s earth-friendly, to the top holistic products that keep anxiety at bay. It’s intended to ensure your fun in the sun remains naturally, worry-free.

The go-bag: An easy to carry collapsable, washable fabric the Vera Bradley weekender bag easily holds a ton. From a large, zip-front pocket to carry a tablet or laptop (if you really need to bring one along) to multiple pockets on the interior and exterior, that don’t compromise space for clothes. No matter your mode of travel, it’s a grab-and-go that makes packing and unpacking a breeze. It easily carries on the plane – overhead or underfoot – so you can keep essentials with you in the event a checked back is lost or God forbid stolen. You still have a backup stash of clothes and necessities to look put together until you get it all together. That alone helps to manage those “what if” worries of lost luggage. Assuming you keep your carry on in arms reach.

The essentials list: The bag is one thing but making sure it’s packed with what’s necessary, is another. Keep it simple and packable. It’s a vacation, not a work junket or a grand ball. So, here’s the breakdown of what to include:

  • A phone/wallet combo with cash, cards and all the proper credentials.
  • Prescriptions: don’t make the mistake of putting them in checked luggage.
  • Basic cosmetics: face cream, sunscreen, powder and lipstick/balm.
  • Wrinkle-free clothes: leggings, tees, cardigan, foldable flats, undies, jammies and socks.

Practice homeopathy: Along with a standard stash of travel sized cosmetics and skin care, there are a few natural and organic product must-haves that provide great homeopathic benefits for just about any travel-related ailment.

  • Essential oils are always a go-to for keeping calm and Origins’ sensory therapy peppermint oil in particular is great for headaches and muscle tension.
  • While some people chew gum to alleviate nervous energy, we recommend nibbling on Gin-Gin candy chews. Made of real ginger they not only work for that sweet tooth but help to settle an upset stomach.
  • One key to staving off sickness is keeping hands clean and away from the mouth and nose. Since there’s a tendency to touch many surfaces while traveling, keep hands sanitized with EO’s organic hand sanitizer spray, when soap and water isn’t immediately accessible. The spray comes in a 2 oz. travel size and serves a great natural alternative to alcohol-heavy counterparts. It also leaves hands smelling wonderful with a relaxing aroma of lavender.
  • Speaking of our favorite flower, Aura Cacia has an aromatherapy lavender mist spray that works for multiple uses, including as a natural hotel room deodorizer and body moisturizer.
  • And you’ll need more than you’re usual moisturizer with sunscreen. To get extra coverage when you’re out in the rays and water for hours at a time, use Trader Joe’s Broad Spectrum SPF 30. It’s a lightweight fragrance-free, oil-free, and PABA free sunscreen for face and body that doesn’t clog pores and lasts up to 80 minutes in the water. It doesn’t leave you with that greasy, sticky film and definitely provides the all-over coverage you need. Put it on and forget about it.

The bottom line: Keeping an overnight bag packed with a few of the basics and some homeopathic necessities makes getting away (planned or unplanned) much more effortless. The less you have to stress about what to pack, what to do if you get sick, where everything is and where it goes, the better. To maintain the go-bag, simply swap out your travel sized staples with refills when needed, unpack what needs washing right away, re-pack the essentials and you’re next anxiety-free vacay is no sweat.

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