Good vs. bad video

We all sign up for newsletters and tidbits of info to keep us ahead of the game in our respective fields. For me, it is always exciting to see creative new ways companies and colleagues utilize video marketing to reach more customers and clients. That said, I was taken aback when I received a recent … Read more Good vs. bad video

Top 5 Tips For Video Marketing

As it goes each new year usually means ushering in a new set of phrases and buzz words to watch. Every industry has its own unique set. The key is not just knowing the terms but what they mean and how they apply to your specific business goals. That goes for those who communicate using … Read more Top 5 Tips For Video Marketing

Top 5 Tips for Video Messaging

In the quest to have your voice heard in the crowd of talking heads or get your brand beyond the boredom of a run of the mill new release turning to video is a great option. But getting the most out of your video message means understanding the proper packaging and what’s optimal for your … Read more Top 5 Tips for Video Messaging

Real Stories Video Campaign

This award-winning corporate branding campaign for Amerigroup Corporation includes multimedia print collateral, 100+ video film shorts, commissioned iTunes soundtrack and music video – written, executive produced and directed by Tara Wall and shot and edited by PTP’s Emmy award-winning director of photography. PR News Digital PR Awards: Best Corporate Video (2011) – Honorable Mention PR News … Read more Real Stories Video Campaign