Not your average immigrant story

While the complex and contentious political discussions over immigration play out in Congress and among the presidential hopefuls, our reporting is focused on the stories behind the debate. In this clip from our ‘Africa In America‘ docu-series viewers learn that one of the nation’s top political leaders has a not-so-well-known story rooted in South Sudan … Read more Not your average immigrant story

RELEASE: Africa In America Docu-Series

Princess Tara Productions has partnered with AFRICA TODAY TV to showcase the stories of African immigrants and the African Diaspora in America as part of the new docu-series ‘Africa In America’. Hosted and executive produced by Tara Wall, the series originally aired on MHz Networks (check local cable listings).

PTP Foundation for Media Arts

MISSION  Foster a consortium of creators and curators who are devoted to films that reflect principles of faith, the First Amendment, free enterprise and social relevance. PURPOSE Provide resources for student filmmakers who showcase integrity in the creative arts Help creators thrive and promote purpose-driven media Conduct media coaching seminars and filmmaking workshops Produce educational resources … Read more PTP Foundation for Media Arts

What Detroit voters want to tell GOP candidates

Detroiters discuss ways they think Republicans can make inroads with urban voters. For some, it begins with hearing more inspiring, relatable stories like those of South Carolina Senator Tim Scott and learning about the policies that helped him achieve success. See the entire conversation! Watch the ‘Urban Summit: Detroit’ documentary On Demand here or buy … Read more What Detroit voters want to tell GOP candidates

Faith-based messaging

We had less than 30 days to pull together what would be the largest ever (outdoor) event for Celebration Church in Georgetown, Texas. An anticipated 20,000 church-goers in attendance with NFL quarterback Tim Tebow as special guest, our team had the enviable and intense task of creating a memorable “Easter On The Hill” service for … Read more Faith-based messaging