Committed To Community Campaign

#CommittedToCommunity: Engage, Empower, Uplift is a first of its kind joint venture and voter mobilization campaign we crafted, produced and coordinated between the Republican National Committee and a black media outlet – Radio One networks. The campaign includes a series of engagement activities, issues forums, and events in communities of color where the RNC is actively engaged and … Read more Committed To Community Campaign

Multicultural multimedia

A year after the so-called ‘autopsy’ report Republicans are back on the air turning a page in efforts to revive the base and woo minorities. Plans to commemorate the anniversary of its ‘Growth and Opportunity’ initiative has the Republican National Committee blanketing the media with a message of inclusion, principled leadership and a way forward. Chairman … Read more Multicultural multimedia

Theme-based campaigns

In the month set aside to remember and reflect on the sacrifices and contributions black Americans have made, brands from corporate entities to service-oriented non-profits, create informative and artful campaigns in tribute. Not lost in the mix – those in the business of winning over voters. For a second year, the Republican National Committee hosted a … Read more Theme-based campaigns