Why a free press is a free market mandate

Ramped up rhetoric in the heated 2016 campaign for the U.S. presidency has notably taken a turn. Journalists, fact-based filmmakers and the public at large who care about the First Amendment and the impact future leaders have on public discourse, should take notice. Generally speaking, candidates and presidents have contentious relationships with the media. President Obama banned … Read more Why a free press is a free market mandate

Tipsheet: Episode 8

This Tara’s Two Cents tipsheet examines how the government shutdown impacts media business owners, what’s missing from a new report on racial disparities, the “two most incendiary” issues inside the Beltway and why two media-driven films about Hillary Clinton fizzled.  

Tipsheet: July 29, 2013

Today’s Tipsheet: Our video of the week is ‘Unstoppable’. Congress’ immigration bill is apparently stalled until late Fall. The media drool fest over Hillary Clinton begins. Popular pastor Rick Warren returns to the pulpit after son’s suicide.