Spring clean your mind, body, spirit

Spring doesn’t just bring flowers, showers and extended sunlight, it’s a reminder that we should take time to renew. We’re not going to function well when we’re functioning on all cylinders all the time. At some point, a gasket will blow. Like regular car maintenance we have to have our regular mind, body and spirit check up. What better time of year than the season that we’re getting rid of the old to make room for the new.


Put down the television remote and turn off the Netflix for a bit. Pick up a book or two and commit to finishing it. If you need some incentive, reward yourself with the remote once you’re done. It’s important to find time to unplug your brain from technology (and other stressors) and tune into some cerebral exercise like reading, crossword puzzles, brain teases and meditation.


You might be thinking mani-pedi, hot stone massage or holistic spa treatment. Sure, those are great ways to feel renewed, but let’s take it a step further. Visualize what your body does for you everyday and how you want it to work better for you. Think of what you put in it and on it. Are you doing more to help or harm your body’s natural renewal process? Here are a few tips to jump start or reconsider your routine:

  • Eat foods with benefits for specific body parts and consider adding a full-day or week cleanse.
  • Exercise 30 minutes a day to stave off depression, alleviate stress and work on that waistline.
  • Get more sleep because chances are you aren’t getting enough and there’s plenty of research that backs up the detrimental effects of sleep deprivation.


Spiritual renewal means different things for different people. Those of the Jewish faith observing Passover in Spring focus on time with family, friends and a Seder celebration of freedom. Taking time to recall lessons of the past and celebrate the beauty of the present is a tenet we can call appreciate no matter our beliefs. Having some spiritual introspection puts the things we think we really need in life into perspective.

The bottom line: Don’t neglect one for the other. Take springtime to tune up all three

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