Princess Tara Productions


Princess Tara Productions is an independent multimedia production company and creative communications agency, founded by chief storyteller and award-winning journalist, Tara Wall in 2010. We’re a multiple Emmy-winning team of socially-conscious journalists, filmmakers, visual artists, editors, developers, executive communicators and senior strategists with an exceptional track record and national profile.


Partner with brands to create, develop, produce and distribute documentaries, public affairs programming, messaging data, multimedia content, multicultural campaigns and creative marketing initiatives for digital, TV and film distribution.


We didn’t just wake up and “decide” to be a creative firm or move from a campaign to start “telling stories.” We’re seasoned television journalists and filmmakers who know public policy, understand corporate and government compliance and bleed social responsibility. We’ve lived and breathed storytelling for decades – with multiple Emmy award-winning results. Anyone can throw together a video. We excel at the art of filmmaking, have honed the craft of visual editing, take exceptional pride in the details and guarantee the quality of our work – even under the tightest deadlines. We know what works on camera and how to tell a story that is unique to each audience. We thrive on challenges and look for every opportunity to take each project to the next level.


We’re an all-inclusive, in-house studio so we don’t farm out day-to-day projects. From the creative development and digital strategy to scriptwriting and scouting, shooting, editing, pre and post production – we’re the nuts and bolts of the operation – with equipment and software standards that are second to none.

Your story starts here because you want your story done right, from start to finish.