The anxiety-free vacay list

Spring break, summer vacation, a mid-Winter get away or just a weekend romp. Everyone needs time to restore, rejuvenate and recover and most of us look forward to that time to unwind. That is, except for those anxiety-prone and panic-stricken by the mere thought of planning what can be seen as just another daunting endeavor….

Scouting for ‘Truth’ in an ad campaign

Truth is the “longest running and most successful national tobacco prevention campaign for youth and young adults.” It recently enlisted Princess Tara Productions as location scouts for its “stop profiling” campaign shoot in Washington, DC.

Broken heart syndrome is really a thing

When entertainer Debbie Reynolds died just a day after her daughter and actress Carrie Fisher succumbed to reported heart failure, it seemed clear to many observers that the 84-year-old was no doubt broken hearted. Turns out there is solid medical research that a person can truly die of a broken heart, which magnifies just how…

3 delicious tweaks to everyday oats

Whether you want a delicious and robust breakfast, need to grab a midday snack or indulge in a sweet treat that happens to have heart healthy benefits your taste buds will love, your oatmeal will never be the same with these three easy recipes. Breakfast bowl with blueberries:   1/2 c. gluten-free steel cut oats…

Winter busting beauty finds

What the winter months can do to our mood and energy levels is bad enough, but when it also wreaks havoc on our skin, hair, and nails, the gauntlet is thrown. Finding plant-based, natural remedies can be tricky when efficacy, affordability and real staying power are crucial. That’s why these are our top three winter…