RNC takes on black journalists

The changing face of electoral politics not only has the campaigns on each side of the aisle faced with the stark reality that they must do more to appeal to every voter but also raises the bar for journalists focused on racial inclusion.

Black media, rarely covering Republican candidates, offered an olive branch to Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus when its largest membership organization invited him to address their annual Convention in Boston.

Priebus went head-to-head with two National Association of Black Journalist’s (NABJ) moderators in a 30-minute question and answer session with its members. While acknowledging the party’s challenges with minorities, Priebus also called for parity, balance and diversity among the journalists who cover politics and black voters in particular.

We were there to coordinate the visit, facilitate the conversation, provide strategic counsel and staffing for the Chairman, and direct production of the highlight video.

Tara Wall

Tara Wall is executive producer and owner of Princess Tara Productions, chairman of the PTP Foundation for Media Arts, a journalist filmmaker and media strategist. @tarasproduction