Vignettes that rock

We spotted this rustic tabletop vignette during a recent scouting trip at a local furniture store and had instant design inspo. It’s nature-inspired and easy to do with store bought or hand-picked elements.

Vignettes offer a great option for filling empty spaces of a room, gaps on tables, corners in shelves and crevices of a bookcase. Yes, staging them is an art in itself, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. For an informal and chic living room or workspace space-filler, simply gather a few frames, potting vases and topiaries to create a tabletop or corner shelf vignette series. Playing around with objects of varying heights and shapes is key. Just be sure to establish a height scale and keep the design style and color combination consistent.

The goal in this series is to bring the outdoors in by using natural materials. So, by design, it’s not meant to be exact or precise but rustic. Mixing hard and soft textures such as wood and rock along with a grass-like moss runner and scented beeswax candles, makes this vignette easy to pull together, inviting and sustainable.

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