Not all dens are created equal

Some people think sustainable design has to be complicated. It doesn’t and you’re probably already incorporating more green into your surroundings than you realize. Let’s use this decorated den as an example. What’s natural and organic is obvious to some but more subtle to others, like the sisal rug that makes for a functional floor cover just underfoot. An all-cotton throw is a breathable fabric that gives a cozy feel to the room and warmth on a cool night. Rattan baskets and ceramic containers serve as decorative accents doing double time as storage. The all-wood 1960’s era end tables were picked up from a trip to a local antiques market with drawer pulls that were repurposed and replaced with rustic stone knobs to change the mod esthetic. And the builder’s grade chandelier was swapped out with a hand-made online find that along with a few soft touches, finishes out the look.

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