Why a free press is a free market mandate

Ramped up rhetoric in the heated 2016 campaign for the U.S. presidency has notably taken a turn. Journalists, fact-based filmmakers and the public at large who care about the First Amendment and the impact future leaders have on public discourse, should take notice. Generally speaking, candidates and presidents have contentious relationships with the media. President Obama banned … Read more Why a free press is a free market mandate

In Focus: The GOP Presidential Field

The Republican field of 2016 presidential candidates go one-on-one with Tara Wall in a new series launched today. It’s an exclusive, unfiltered look at the diverse bench as they appeal to voters for their Party’s nomination. DONALD TRUMP JEB BUSH CARLY FIORINA JOHN KASICH TED CRUZ RICK PERRY MIKE HUCKABEE GEORGE PATAKI

Good vs. bad video

We all sign up for newsletters and tidbits of info to keep us ahead of the game in our respective fields. For me, it is always exciting to see creative new ways companies and colleagues utilize video marketing to reach more customers and clients. That said, I was taken aback when I received a recent … Read more Good vs. bad video

Deficit impacts small businesses

“The ballooning budget deficit is a thorn in the side of small-business owners, according to a report released Wednesday from the National Small Business Association, a Washington, D.C.-based nonpartisan organization that advocates for entrepreneurs. Four in ten small-business owners surveyed say that reducing the national deficit should be Congress’ No.1 priority.” -Entrepreneur Magazine