Media’s role in the urban healthcare crisis

Listening to many of my media colleagues, the average reader could easily conclude that the only health care debate worth covering today is the partisan bickering over efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), more commonly known as Obamacare. Washington squabbles aside, there are many more concerning stories about the healthcare challenges in towns…

A mother’s ‘love’ on display

Media reaction to a Baltimore mother’s outrage and subsequent public flogging of her son when she happened to stumble upon his apparent involvement looting and rioting in the aftermath of the Freddie Gray death, has taken an unexpected turn. Tara Wall joined CNN’s State of the Union panel to discuss the implications.  

Starbucks pokes the bear

It’s either an ingenious marketing idea or an epic branding disaster. No matter what side of the Starbucks firestorm you fall on it seems a lot of folks missed the point when the company known for its neighborhood coffee, launched an innocent enough initiative to get people talking about race. Instead of taking it at…

Social ad wars heat up

Social issues that political campaigns usually won’t touch but everyone is supposedly talking about is driving another media narrative and heating up the ad wars. Media expert Tara Wall was among the panelists weighing in on CNN’s State of The Union.

A matter of race and media culture

Tara Wall discusses the role of a responsible media and pitfalls of cultural passivity in the aftermath of the Ferguson, Missouri shooting with CNN State of the Union host Candy Crowley, panelists LZ Granderson and actor Jesse Williams.