Africa In America: Migration Trailer

With United States immigration policy in a state of flux and a noticeable uptick of migrants from Africa, Tara Wall examines the unique parallels facing those making policy while affirming their roots. Africa In America © is an original, Princess Tara Productions produced series that aired on MHz Networks.

Not your average immigrant story

While the complex and contentious political discussions over immigration play out in Congress and among the presidential hopefuls, our reporting is focused on the stories behind the debate. In the docu-series ‘Africa In America,’ viewers learn a little known fact about one of the nation’s top political leaders. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus’ not-so-well-known history rooted…

Tim Tebow behind the scenes

This Princess Tara Productions produced documentary short is part of an extensive production project we were commissioned with. It takes a behind the scenes look as an anticipated 20,000 Texas church-goers turn out for special guest and speaker, NFL quarterback Tim Tebow.

Urban Summit: Detroit Trailer

Detroit may be a model for what’s right and wrong with big city politics – from bankruptcy and bailouts to recovery and ‘Right To Work.’ The ‘Urban Summit’ film series picks up where the 2012 presidential election left off and examines what conservative political candidates can learn from urban voters. Directed, produced and hosted by…

Souled Out Movie Trailer

Princess Tara Productions releases its official introductory movie trailer for “Souled Out: The Documentary, written and directed by award-winning executive producer, Tara Wall. Souled Out is a riveting examination of the GOP’s history with black America from an insider’s view. Release pending.