Paying homage to the champ

To have met such a trailblazer and champion in #MuhammadAli is without words. His impact on this world is unmatched. I am honored to have been a guest at his annual Parkinson’s Center fundraiser where he was jovial, so full of life and gave us a few chuckles. Prayers for his family and friends. He will … Read more Paying homage to the champ

Hollywood at CPAC

Conservative filmmakers propelled by political plots and driven by recent blockbuster success converged on this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, D.C. with a message for audiences everywhere. In a Friday panel, ‘Not All Quiet On The Western Front: Conservatives Are Alive In Hollywood’ producers and actors weighed in on what is described as “two … Read more Hollywood at CPAC

‘The Square’ misses cast & Oscar

As producers for the griping and controversial documentary ‘The Square’ attended the 86th Academy Awards for its ‘Best Documentary Feature’ nomination, several primary characters central to the story were locked out of attending by their own country according to reports. The film’s synopsis paints a vivid picture of events leading up to the 2011 Egyptian uprising. … Read more ‘The Square’ misses cast & Oscar