Millennial immigrants drive innovation

Ethiopian tech whiz Azarias Reda, visionary entrepreneur Botswanaian Biggie Tangane and Sierra Leonian-American civil activist Kadija Bah are obvious millennial stand-outs when you meet them individually and as a collective. Not simply because of the compelling stories they each bring to the United States in search of the American Dream, but the commitment they’ve made … Read more Millennial immigrants drive innovation

Africa In America: Student Scholars

Amid the influx of immigrants who arrive in the United States and aside from the political bantering on the topic itself, one seemingly underreported fact is that African immigrants are the most educated among all migrant groups arriving here. There is a reason many African parents insist on prioritizing education and advanced study as a … Read more Africa In America: Student Scholars

Africa In America: Migration

Immigration of African nationals to the United States seems to be at an uptick with black African immigrants comprising an estimated 1.1 million migrants. While each story is unique, the patterns for success bear similar threads. Correspondent Tara Wall examines what’s at stake for these new arrivals and the impact on American culture in this … Read more Africa In America: Migration

Not your average immigrant story

While the complex and contentious political discussions over immigration play out in Congress and among the presidential hopefuls, our reporting is focused on the stories behind the debate. In this clip from our ‘Africa In America‘ docu-series viewers learn that one of the nation’s top political leaders has a not-so-well-known story rooted in South Sudan … Read more Not your average immigrant story