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A year after the so-called ‘autopsy’ report Republicans are back on the air turning a page in efforts to revive the base and woo minorities. Plans to commemorate the anniversary of its ‘Growth and Opportunity’ initiative has the Republican National Committee blanketing the media with a message of inclusion, principled leadership and a way forward. Chairman Reince Priebus kicked off the blitz in a Sunday talk show preview where he introduced the production of a cross-cultural, multi-generational and multicultural six-figure ad buy series.

The ‘Create Your American Dream’ campaign includes a series of videos with real people of diverse backgrounds who have specific reasons for why they vote Republican and according to Priebus:

“The best way to connect with voters is for them to hear from their friends and neighbors about the issues that are important to them, including job creation, school choice, and opportunity.”

The ads begin airing Tuesday in mainstream and ethnic media markets across the country and online.

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