Millennial immigrants drive innovation

Ethiopian tech whiz Azarias Reda, visionary entrepreneur Botswanaian Biggie Tangane and Sierra Leonian-American civil activist Kadija Bah are obvious millennial stand-outs when you meet them individually and as a collective. Not simply because of the compelling stories they each bring to the United States in search of the American Dream, but the commitment they’ve made … Read more Millennial immigrants drive innovation

Paying homage to the champ

To have met such a trailblazer and champion in #MuhammadAli is without words. His impact on this world is unmatched. I am honored to have been a guest at his annual Parkinson’s Center fundraiser where he was jovial, so full of life and gave us a few chuckles. Prayers for his family and friends. He will … Read more Paying homage to the champ

In Focus: The GOP Presidential Field

The Republican field of 2016 presidential candidates go one-on-one with Tara Wall in a new series launched today. It’s an exclusive, unfiltered look at the diverse bench as they appeal to voters for their Party’s nomination. DONALD TRUMP JEB BUSH CARLY FIORINA JOHN KASICH TED CRUZ RICK PERRY MIKE HUCKABEE GEORGE PATAKI