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2014 panelists

Hollywood at CPAC

Conservative filmmakers propelled by political plots and driven by recent blockbuster success converged on this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, D.C. with a message for audiences everywhere. In a Friday panel, ‘Not All Quiet On The Western Front: Conservatives Are Alive In Hollywood’ producers and actors weighed in on what is described as “two

Media Culture

Tara Wall part of panel discussion on TV One's NewsOne Now with Roland Martin

TV One media panel

Tara Wall visits the set of TV One’s NewsOne Now with Roland Martin to discuss the media’s handling of recent culturally sensitive political missteps.

Best Practices

GOP ad campaign

Multicultural multimedia

A year after the so-called ‘autopsy’ report Republicans are back on the air turning a page in efforts to revive the base and woo minorities. Plans to commemorate the anniversary of its ‘Growth and Opportunity’ initiative has the Republican National Committee blanketing the media with a message of inclusion, principled leadership and a way forward. Chairman

Tara's Docs

Urban Summit

Detroiters Talk GOP

Presented by the PTP Foundation for Media Arts and hosted by filmmaker Tara Wall. Detroiters discuss ways they think the GOP can bridge the gap with urban voters. Hint: Begin with inspiring individual stories like those of South Carolina Senator Tim Scott. See the entire conversation! Watch the ‘Urban Summit: Detroit’ documentary On Demand here or

Tara's Two Cents TV

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Tipsheet: October 4, 2013

This Tara’s Two Cents tipsheet examines how the government shutdown is impacting media business owners, what’s missing from a new report on racial disparities, the “two most incendiary” issues inside the Beltway and why two media driven films about Hillary Clinton fizzled.

Wall Report

Scott CPAC

CPAC Rising Stars

“We’re looking for talented, young, committed conservatives.” That is how CPAC Chairman Al Cardenas introduced newly appointed South Carolina Senator Tim Scott opening day of the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 2013. Walking out from the podium to address the audience directly, Sen. Scott engaged members with anecdotes about his upbringing and humor to